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Digital art in Ireland long predates NFTs "These hybrid spaces, combining the real with the fictive, have lots to offer artists with limited time and physical availability"

Review by Cristín Leach, Saturday April 09 2022, 12.01am, The Sunday Times.

Two years before the pandemic forced artists to manifest exhibitions in virtual galleries and digital rooms, the Northern Irish artist Ciara Finnegan had already established a thriving experimental cyberspace for contemporary art. The Dollhouse Space is anchored somewhat in the real world by dint of its physical presence: a wooden doll’s house built in 1974, the year of Finnegan’s birth, by a Dutch toy company. It sits in a room at her home in the Netherlands and exists online at thedollhouse.space

Finnegan’s curatorial approach includes an upfront engagement with notions of absurdity. She describes herself as the sole member of staff at the tiny gallery where “she performs roles of director, housekeeper, administrator, web-designer, occasional gardener, PR/social-media & web content manager and fundraiser”...

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